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YoWhatsApp Update New Version 2022

Are you looking for a new version of YOWhatsApp Update,  for the latest update version ,the YoWhatsApp official website is the best download choice. YOWhatsApp is a very good modification and stands out among the many cracked versions of official WhatsApp. If you have already experienced YOWhatsApp then you will want to look for the latest version of YOWhatsApp 2022, wouldn't it be great to have a better experience after the YOWhatsApp update?

YoWhatsApp Update New Version 2022

If you have only used WhatsApp before and are bored with its sameness, then you can try to find out about the unique features of the new version of YOWhatsApp update. This will be a detailed list of the features of the new updated version of YOWhatsApp 2022, and I'm sure you'll be interested in the new version of YOWhatsApp's APK once you learn about it! After all, YOWhatsApp is a very good APK.

Unique features of the new version of YOWhatsApp updated with.

  • Stickers:Send stickers and emojis to your friends to express your emotions. Many sticker packs are also available in Telugu, Hindi and Kannada. Animated stickers are now also supported in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil and Kannada.
  • Colour customisation: You can change the colour of the background, UI, action bar, navigation bar and navigation bar of each screen.
  • Hide media from gallery: Hide photos, videos and other media files displayed in the gallery.
  • Easily migrate data: You can move your complete data anywhere you choose.
  • Style and user interface: Customise the home page user interface style, Story Style. You can also provide the name of the application in the home screen instead of the default name.
  • Disable the status line completely with your name in the profile section of the android app.
  • Enable instagram Like Stories: you can also replace the navigation bar with individual chats and group chats
  • Delete date, contact name: Delete the date and contact name of the person you are talking to.
  • Security lock protection: enable mode or password to lock your chat to hide your conversations from others. You can also turn on/off mode vibration and mode visibility.
  • Control who can call you: It allows you to customise your preferences as to who can call you like everyone else, or only online contacts or no one.
  • Modify chat bubble style and text font size: You can choose a chat bubble style with different backgrounds and shapes. You can change the text size and surprise your friends. Yes!!! Now you can also change the text size.
  • Freeze last seen: This will allow you to freeze the last seen of other users so that they don't see the actual last seen of you when you are online.
  • Anti-delete messages: This will not allow other users to permanently delete messages.
  • Hide view status: You can hide the status view from other people.
  • More basic features such as hide blue tick, hide second tick, hide blue microphone, hide recording, etc.

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YoWhatsApp Update New Version APK Official Download

The new version of YOWhatsApp has a lot of features, but if you still have some questions about YOWhatsApp, then you can read on, below you will find some common questions about the new version of YOWhatsApp 2022, if you happen to have some doubts about the new version of YOWhatsApp, then I just hope I can help you. I hope I can help you.

How do I fix the YOWhatsApp new version not opening error?

  • 1. Go to Settings -> Applications -> YOWhatsApp -> Storage and Cache -> Click on "Clear Cache".
  • 2. Allow app permissions for Microphone, Storage, Call, SMS, Camera, Location, Contacts.
  • 3. After granting the app permissions, simply close YO mod and restart the device.

If the above process does not work, you will need to obtain the apk file from our official website.

Where can I download the new version of YOWhatsApp APK?

There are several other direct download links for the apk file. However, we recommend that you download it in the safest way possible.

  • 1. Search for the apk file
  • 2. Click on the "Download" button
  • 3. Install it
  • 4. Enjoy the features

Does this new version of YOWhatsApp Anti Ban work all the time?

YOWhatsApp New Version Anti-Ban was recently launched for the reason that it was not banned. Also for the convenience of the user, progressive steps were created to ensure the safety of your account.

Which YOWhatsApp APK is the best? The latest version or the old one?

Depending on your android operating system, which you currently use, you can use the apk file depending on the compatibility of the operating system.For Yo WhatsApp download update new version official,the is another good choice for download yowa.

Can I use two different Whatsapp accounts on one phone?

Yes...! YOWhatsApp allows you to use two different Whatsapp accounts on one phone. You can use GBWhatsApp even if there are many third-party applications, such as GBWhatsApp, and vice versa.

Is YOWhatsApp available on iOS (iPhone)?

No, the official app is not yet available on Apple iPhones that are not jailbroken or not jailbroken.

How do I freeze the last time I saw it on YOWhatsApp?

In order to freeze my last view on YOWhatsApp. Go to Settings and click on the 3 vertical dots>>Privacy>>Freeze last seen. Toggle the switch and restart the app for the changes to take effect.

I have a problem with my apk file, is the package corrupt?

Since the apk file is not from the PlayStore, the apk file does not support Google PlayStore updates and identifies a serious security vulnerability. Rename the .apk extension to fix the package error

If you don't see anything in the above summary of questions about the YOWhatsApp update that you want to know, then you can ask a question below and we'll respond as soon as we see it and put together a summary of your questions to help as many people as possible. Are you now interested in the new version of YOWhatsApp? If so, then you can click on the link in this article to jump to the official YOWhatsApp website for a secure download of the update. That's all there is to this YoWhatsApp Update New Version 2022, if you want more YOWhatsApp advice then you can bookmark this site, we will update YOWhatsApp 2022 new version frequently.